Artist Statement

Painting is the key to the secret garden, a doorway into a magical and mysterious place. My aim is to evoke a sense of mystery and magic using the medium of oil paint. While mainly using a palette consisting of natural earthy hues, I paint landscapes with dark themes, sometimes including people, creatures, or otherworldly beings, demonstrating that within the landscape of the natural world, there is mystery and magic everywhere, even where it is least expected, and through the pairing of dark with light, there is the exploration of the mysterious and beautiful. 


Artist Bio


Born in Victoria, BC, Canada in 1973, Canadian artist Mystery is a self taught artist. Library art books provided the inspiration to try oil painting. She received certification from two local colleges, and spent a few years working as a professional horticulturalist and landscape designer. Through this time she painted sporadically, while also raising two sons on her own. Using oil paint as her medium, she continued to follow her passion despite limited opportunity to paint. Applying her learned knowledge of flora has proven beneficial in painting landscapes. Choosing to focus more on her art, she changed careers to allow more time for painting and exhibiting in art shows. She is currently living and working in Victoria, BC, Canada as a full time professional artist.